Historic Building Repairs

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Historic Property Conservation

Historic Building Conservation and Repair Hampshire – we are specialist contractors in the repair and restoration of historic buildings and preserving listed properties. [Case Studies]

The focus of our restoration work is to repair building structure and preserve the original aesthetic value of buildings as far as possible. This is particularly important with church restoration, where projects frequently involve structures that have great historical significance.

Due to their age, churches will often feature both stone and timber elements, and it is important that both of these are tended to in order for the building to remain safe and secure. Whether you have a specific issue in mind or are looking to have the full structure surveyed, there are many state–of–the–art techniques we can employ.

Historic Building Repairs

historic buildings

Just as prevention is always better than cure, maintenance is preferable to major repairs. However, such repairs may not always be avoidable. The building may develop structural problems, materials will eventually wear out, older repairs may contribute to decay, there may be fungal or insect infestations or the building may need redecoration. Whatever the repair needs of your church, it is important to establish the cause of the damage in order to avoid repeated decay and loss of original fabric.

Historic Building Maintenance

Whilst respecting and conserving the fine craftsmanship carried out by previous generations in the maintenance and repairs of these magnificent structures. We often see repairs carried out using the wrong materials or techniques. Thankfully we have the knowledge and skills to recognise these faults and act in the best interest of conserving these structures to their original design.

Historic Building Extensions

church extensions

Extensions on listed buildings especially Churches are becoming more common as they look to build multi–functioning spaces to serve the local community utilising space that is already potentially available.

Here at Renovated (Southern) Limited, we have the experience, necessary knowledge and tradespeople to undertake this type of specialist work and we would welcome the opportunity to tender for this type of project. Please contact us at your convenience.

Historic Building Remodel

Building or remodelling a house of worship can feel like an especially important task. Not only are you building a place meant to help inspire faith and serve as a type of sanctuary, but you are also creating a building that needs to be functional for its intended purposes. At Renovated (Southern) Ltd. we take a special pride in helping to make your church building a place of both faith and functionality, fit for the needs of your congregation and its community.



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